Crushed Velvet Ankle Boots

Crushed Velvet Ankle Boots

$62.50 $140.00

Burgandy Velvet
Colbalt Blue Velvet
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“Romantically Awesome”

Crushed Velvet Ankle Boots ohh so SEXY. $62.50 Also comes in Colbalt Blue. These tie-up/zipper side boots are darling, comfortable and made very well. #velvet #velvet boots #hippievibetribe #fashion #womensboits #womensshoes Put on some jeans and a white tank and start rocking these velvet BOOTS Free Gift with every Purchase.  P.s it's a NICE gift.  Follow us on Pinterest/Facebook/hippieheidi on twitter/linkedon/instagram.   SEE YOU AT HIPPIEVIBETRIBE a Honest, Reasonable, Fashion Boutique!!

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